Frequently Asked Questions

How does a pawn loan work?

Pawn loans are a quick and easy way to borrow money without a credit check or hassle. Loans are based on the value of your collateral, not your credit rating or pay schedule.  Pawn loans are subject to individual state laws.  In Washington state the pawn loans have a term length of 90 days.  If you cannot pay back your loan in full, we offer extensions / renewals to give you extra time.  You may also choose to surrender your collateral as payment in full.

We provide pawn loans on a variety of items, including gold and diamond jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, tools, and more.  Just bring us an item of value, along with a state or government issued photo ID and we'll get you money in minutes after your loan is approved.


What is a renewal?

If you are unable to pay back your pawn loan in full on or before its due date, you may get a renewal if you pay the interest and fees of the loan in full, a new pawn slip will be written. The principal pawn loan amount remains the same, as does the interest rate, but the due date is reset for the full loan term. 


Will I lose my merchandise?

The majority of our customers repay their pawn loans and pick up their merchandise.  If a customer chooses not to repay the pawn loan, the merchandise / collateral  for the loan is forfeited.


How do you determine an item's worth?

We base pawn loan amounts on the value of your item, off its current resale appraised value, its current condition and our ability to sell the item.  We use all the research tools we have at our disposal to determine an item's value and get you the most money we can.

As for determining the value of jewelry, we have a GIA graduate gemologist in house, with decades of experience in the jewelry industry.  The gemologist will look over jewelry to insure that you get the most money possible.


How do you determine the condition of an item?

The condition of an item is always taken into account during the quote process for a pawn loan. If you bring in a mp3 player that is in perfect shape and one mp3 player that has a lot of scratches and damage to it, we will loan more on the mp3 player thats in better condition.

When it's general merchandise you want to pawn, we test each item out to ensure it is in good working condition. This includes, but is not limited to, a visual inspection, plugging an item in and turning it on, and noting if and necessary accessories (such as remote controls) and manuals are included.

Plain and simple - the better condition of your item, the more money we can loan you.


How do you determine the value of jewelry?

When jewelry is the collateral for a pawn loan, we test the precious metals and diamonds to determine its worth. We have a GIA graduate gemologist in house, with Decades of experience in the jewelry industry. The gemologist will look over jewelry to insure that you get the most money possible.


Is my collateral safe while in pawn?

While your item is in pawn, you still own it. It is our responsibility to keep it safe and in good condition while it's in our care. When you give us an item for pawn, we keep all accessories with your item and place it in a secure area. Your item is safely stored here until you come back to pay your pawn loan in full and claim your merchandise. 


Can I pawn a gun?

No, Here at Barnhart Jewelers Gemologist & Pawnbroker, we do not have a FFL license. Due to this we can not pawn, or sell firearms.


Are pawnshops stocked with stolen merchandise?

Less than 1 percent of items are identified as stolen goods.

Pawnshops are actually the worst place to try and get rid of stolen items, despite what you see on tv shows and movies. Pawnshops are highly regulated, and work very closely with local and federal law enforcement officials.